Club Rules & Policies

The TECH form is now a separate registration on The TECH form is good for one calendar year, 1/1 to 12/31. Anyone registering for an event must complete the TECH form registration ONCE.

All helmets for drivers and passengers must have a SNELL SA 2015, or better rating. The following ratings are approved;  SA2015, SA2020. 

All co-drivers must be registered before an event. Co-drivers must be listed when registering for an event. Co-drivers must also complete the membership form before they are approved to drive. We will no longer allow co-drivers to sign in at the track.


Membership is required for anyone that drives on track. Each person must have his or her own membership, this includes co-drivers and family members. Membership is $20/year. A year is 1/1 to 12/31. See membership tab above for additional information.

Event Registration Fees / Facts

If you register within 14 days prior to the event, a late fee of up to $75 will be charged per event.

If at the track registration is offered, an additional $100 fee will be charged per event.

If payment for the registration is not received before the late registration date (or mailed payment is not postmarked before that date) you will be accessed the late fee.


All drivers that have either No or Very Little driver experience will be required to attend a classroom session. This session will be right after the main drivers meeting of the day and will last about 30 minutes. This will not effect your track time as it will be completed before these drivers will go on track. Please note that the classroom session is a free service and will be open to anyone that would like to attend.

An instructor will be required for anyone who has never driven a car at a track event. The Northwoods Shelby Club provides instruction to create safe and promote situational awareness on track. Due to the limited number of instructors this is not guaranteed.

Event Cancellation / Transferring Event Policies

Refunds & Credits
46 or more days before the event – full refund minus a $50.00 administration fee
45 – 31 days before the event – forfeiture of 50% of the registration fees
30 days and less before the event – forfeiture of the entire registration fees (NO REFUNDS or CREDITS of any kind will be given, NO EXCEPTIONS) (This includes credits or refunds for break downs during the event as well)

Transferring between events is not allowed.

If the event is filled and there is a waiting list, event organizers will attempt to fill the open spot from the waiting list. If that is possible, a full refund minus a $50.00 administration fee will be given. All waiting list changes must be completed a minimum of 14 days prior to the event. NO REFUNDS/EXCHANGES will be given within 14 days of the event, no exceptions.

General Track Event Rules/Group Placing

You must be a club member to participate as a driver in our on track events. Passengers do not have to be a club member.

ALL drivers and passengers MUST BE 18 years old to be allowed on track during high speed lapping events. One passenger is allowed per car. If a driver is caught with a passenger under 18 in the car the driver will asked to leave the event and no refund will be given.

Driver Experience Levels: (Advanced Drivers Only in Group 1) / General Group Placement Guidelines: Our groups are based on driver experience, car capability and how hard you want to drive your car.

Participants will be grouped according to driver experience along with vehicle capabilities. Classing/grouping is based off of actual and/or anticipated speeds. This can change while at the track either up or down a class per discussion with the participant and event organizers.

N = Newbie: No Track Experience. Instructor Required. (Group 5 only)

B = Beginner: 1-7 Days of Open Track, (HPDE), Experience. (Group 3,4,5 depending on previous track experience)

I = Intermediate: 8-24 Days of Open Track, (HPDE), Experience (Groups 2,3,4,5)

A = Advanced: 25+ Days of Open Track, (HPDE), Experience (Groups 1,2,3,4,5)

All on track participants (drivers and passengers) MUST fill out and sign the event liability form at the track. Spectators are welcome at all of our events. We never charge an entry fee for spectators.

All participants and passengers must have a qualified appropriate wristband on at all times during the event.

The Northwoods Shelby Club event staff, as well as the Track facility staff, has the right to disallow any vehicle, driver, or attendee at any time before or during the event. They have the right to terminate their involvement in the event at any time.

Anyone caught not attending will have some track time missed while event officials are conducting a personal driver’s meeting. The driver’s meeting is very important for pertinent information for track conditions and special cautions regardless of the experience level of the driver.

Passing rules: All passing for all groups, 1-5, must be completed via a point around initiated by the car being passed. Each track has designated passing zones, marked with cones. Passing in the corners is only allowed in group 1.

Car Numbers/Tech

Numbers are to be at least 8″ high and 2″ wide. They are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Members must supply their own numbers. The club does not supply car numbers.

Participants must go through registration before proceeding to tech.

All participants and spectators must comply with all track rules and regulations. Please see the event page for a link to or copy of rules and regulations dictated by the track. If you are not allowed to participate in the event or asked to leave during the event do to conduct or breaking rules of the club or track, you will not be given a refund. It is up to you to know and comply with the track rules and regulations. At any time you have questions on the Northwoods Shelby Club or track rules for the event, there will be contact email and phone numbers you can get the information prior to registration.

Flags on Track

What each flag means

Black Flag Policy

During on track sessions if you are black-flagged you MUST come see an Event Staff member in grid / track out to find out what the issue is. Reasons for a black flag include but are not limited to:

  • Mechanical issue. Like leaking fluids on the track. Problem must be corrected and you must be cleared by tech inspection to be allowed back onto the track.
  • Going 4 wheels off track. You must be cleared by tech inspection to be allowed back onto the track.
  • Driver looks to be “driving over their head”. For example having multiple spins or near spins on the track.
  • Poor conduct on the track.
  • Breaking passing rules to include passing in corners, not giving proper point around for passing (thus holding other drivers up), passing without getting proper point around, or passing during a yellow flag condition.
  • Passengers not keeping their arms inside the car. Placing of the arm on the windowsill is not allowed and will cause a black flag.
  • Blend line violation
  • If you get multiple black flags during that days event, the Northwoods Shelby Club has the right to forfeit the rest of your track time for the day. This will be determined on a case by case basis depending on the infraction, but consider a 3 strikes and you’re out policy for black flags. If we continue to have issues with a driver over multiple days or events, the Northwoods Shelby Club has the right to suspend them from participating in track events with the club for a period of time to fit the condition.

Minimum Safety Requirements, including Convertible Rules

Vehicle Tech Inspection – All participant vehicles must be inspected and deemed safe before the event by the owner/driver of same said vehicle. Club Officials will conduct a quick inspection of the vehicle during tech but are in no way, shape, or form are responsible for the safety and structural integrity of the same said vehicle. It is UP TO THE VEHICLE OWNER/REGISTRANT to bring a safe vehicle to the track as well properly inspect and maintain the vehicle during the entire event. A vehicle deemed unsafe during the event will be parked and not allowed back on the track until it is proved and deemed safe again by event officials.

Seat Restraints – The minimum is a 3 point belt. No more lap belt only. That means the stock 3 point belts in later model vehicles are OK. All 4, 5, 6 point racing harnesses are OK. Lap belts only are no longer permitted.

Helmets – All drivers and passengers are required to wear an approved helmet. All helmets will be inspected during technical inspection and must have a SNELL SA 2015 or better rating. Ratings of SA 2015, SA 2020 are the only helmets that will be approved. NO SNELL M RATED HELMETS WILL BE ALLOWED.

Convertibles – All convertibles are required to have at least a four-point roll bar. Shelby Cobras and Kit Cobras are required to have a hoop that also covers the passengers if they plan on giving rides to passengers on lapping days.  Click on link for list of approved cars that do not require a four-point roll bar and cars that are required to have a four-point roll bar.

Open Wheel Cars – We currently do not allow any open wheel cars.

Mirrors – Each vehicle must have at least one rear-view mirror. Two are recommended. Three is best.

Interior – Seats must be mounted securely. All loose items must be removed. Fire extinguishers are optional, and if fitted, must be securely mounted with a metal bracket.

Video cameras – are allowed only if they are securely mounted, not hand held.

Arms – must be kept in the passenger compartment and cannot be rested on the window frame.

Glass – Window glass must be clean and not cracked or broken.

Trunk – All loose items must be removed. This includes jack, spare tire, lug wrench, etc.

Tires – Tread and sidewall should be in good condition, free of cuts, cracks, and deep scrapes. Check tread for foreign objects, nails, screws, glass, etc. Tires should be properly sized for their rim and must clear suspension and bodywork without rubbing. Tires must be speed rated according to the capabilities of each particular vehicle. Here is a list of acceptable ratings: S – Up to 112 MPH, T – Up to 118 MPH, U – Up to 124 MPH, H – Up to 130 MPH, V – Up to 149 MPH, and Z – Up to 149+ MPH. W and Y rated tires are fairly new ratings and are also acceptable. Speed rated tires are required for all vehicles running at our events.

Wheels – Must be properly sized for the vehicle. All lugs must be present, lug nuts sufficiently engaged and properly torqued. Minimum lug nut engagement 6 to 8 full revolutions. Bent or cracked wheels will not be allowed. Hubcaps and trim rings must be removed.

Exhaust – The entire exhaust system should be in good condition and fastened securely. Mufflers are required.

Suspension and Steering Gear – Steering and suspension must not have excessive play in any of the tie rods, ball joints, or wheel bearings should be tight and packed with high temperature grease.

Brakes – The vehicle should stop smoothly and straight. Rubber lines should be free of cracks, metal lines are to be free of rust. Brake fluid should be flushed and replaced with fresh fluid.

Brake Lights – Will be checked and must be working properly on all vehicles.

Fluid Leaks – No vehicles will be permitted on course with fluid leaks. Check all fuel, coolant, brake, steering lines. Radiator and oil recovery systems must have catch cans. Factory PCV systems and coolant recovery systems are considered adequate substitutes.

Engine – Batteries are to be securely fastened. Dual throttle return springs are highly recommended.

Special Note – While it is not a requirement, it is strongly recommended that all participants (especially in Group 1 – fastest group) have the following (not in any particular order of importance):

  • minimum 4-point roll bar
  • 5-6 point seat belt harness
  • competition tires
  • full race suit with gloves
  • quantified experience for that particular track
  • head and neck restraint system
  • upgraded brake system and/or pads